Friday, 4 June 2010

Lakes Cycle Ride 2010

Amazingly, this is my very first blog, and why, because I am off to the Lakes this weekend to do some cycling. We go once a year for a cycle touring ride, here in the UK and abroad. This one I am planning on documenting quite a bit more on this blog if I can from my iphone but certainly at Twitter @moof63 .

We have three days of cycling. Not huge distances, only around 50 miles a day, but taking in some crazy hill climbing. As I sit here right now, I still have two of the craziest passes to look forward to later on in the day... and we haven't even set off yet!

Paul R was sorting the car, unfortunately, he couldn't use the one he had in mind. He hired another car, that didn't turn up, so he's hired another and is on his way to me, so if there are spelling mistakes, its because I am blasting through this blog.

I'm hopefully all packed and ready to go, something I'll blog on more later on as I am not taking panniers but a backpack so going incredibly light.

GT Zakar LE is my steed of choice at this time and I'm hoping nothing goes wrong with it. Inshallah it wont.